Benny The Butcher Details “Tana Talk 3” & The Current State Of Hip Hop

After dropping possibly one of the hardest albums of the year Griselda artist Benny The Butcher stops by Shade 45 to chop it up with Dj Kay Slay.

Slay hits Benny with a few questions about his latest album “Tana Talk 3” and his opinion on the state of hip-hop, the Griselda spitter explains it’s getting back to basics with some newer artist being encouraged to rap now.

The Hip Hop game I feel like for the spitters, shit getting back how it need to be, I see a lot of niggas been encouraged to rap now, Benny tells Kay Slay To me ima street nigga like everybody else, this my first couple years in this business I’m fresh out the projects, the business part its a piece of shit business you know what I’m saying, its corny but for the spitters the niggas who busting their pen, the game coming back.

Later in the interview, Benny speaks on his new album and how it already gained its respect in the streets and also with some notable rap legends.

Ima be honest with you if yall haven’t heard Tanna Talk 3 my album, if you listen to street music, if you listening to East Coast music, New York music, if you listen to that shit, ima say it, this is the holy grail of it right now 2018, you know what I’m saying you don’t gotta take my word for it ask Kiss, ask Raekwon, ask Ghost, these niggas all told me that to my face.

The Buffalo artist started his Tana Talk series in 2000 calling it Tana for short paying homage to his block Montana in upstate New York, the tape would later get its sequel in 2005 with “Tana Talk 2” and with much success in his city, “When I put 2 out, I shocked the whole city. People still talk about that tape to this dayBenny tells HNHH. Recreating the energy from one and two The Butcher adds some production from legendary Producers Alchemist and Darringer to drop an album that’s style has been a rarity as of late.

Watch the full interview below.

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