Talib Kweli Explores Abuse In His New Single “She’s My Hero”

Talib Kweli dedicates his new single “She’s My Hero” to Bresha Meadows, a domestic abuse survivor who shot and killed her abusive father in self-defense last year and was subsequently arrested and charged.

Bresha’s mother has called her daughter a hero and Kweli looks to bring awareness to similar situations with the hope that they can be addressed before something like this happens again and victims like Bresha feel they need to take the law into their own hands.

Kweli elaborated on the tracks meaning saying,

Regardless of how you feel about this particular case, whether you feel it’s a self defense issue, a domestic abuse issue, a mental health issue or all of the above, the take away for me is that we must do a better job of taking care of and protecting our children. Our children should never feel they have to make these kinds of decisions. I see my own children in Bresha’s young face, and I want to uplift their voices as much as I possibly can. Brandi Meadows has said of her daughter

She is my hero. I wasn’t strong enough to get out and help us all.”

That statement got me thinking about what a hero truly is, and made me want to write a song about Bresha. My hope is that this song inspires us as a community to more closely examine the dysfunction within our own families, so that we can create solutions before young people like Bresha feel like they must take matters into their own hands. I present She’s my Hero.

Listen to “She’s My Hero” below.

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