Mistah F.A.B. Delivers One Of The Best 5 Fingers Of Death Freestyles

There is not many who have been able to drop the mic at Sway In The Morning‘s “5 Fingers Of Death” challenge, although one candidate for the crown would be Mistah F.A.B.

The Oakland native and former Mac Dre pupil stops by the Shade 45 Station once again to stake his claim as 2018‘s Serial Killer of Freestyles. Starting off with the instrumentals for Freeways “Flip Side” Sway hits Fab with the topic of Oakland Athletics, that’s followed by the next topic Birdman and Lil Wayne as Dj Wonder switches to Jay-Z’s “Change The Game” and later Fab is prompted with Eddie Murphy as the topic.

  “Shout out to Eddie, that ni**a got 10 kids, damn / That ni**a on his Marlon Wayans sh*t / Sit back and playin’ sh*t / Never swayin’ sh*t / I can take it off the brain sh*t / Never explain sh*t / Ain’t that the same sh*t? / Ni**as know the game shift…Rest in peace to my ni**a, f*ck John McCain, b*tch / No disrespect, yeah it is disrespect / We can get the best / You can get the tech / You can get the vest / You can get the Sway, or you can get the Tech / Wake up, bro / You don’t want to play the Wake Up Show.” 

Check out the full freestyle below.


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