Kyle Drops New Song “Moment” For His Netflix Film “The After Party”

Kyle who earlier this Year released his “Light Of Mine” is in his bag bringing his fans some more music linking up with Wiz Khalifa on “Moment“.

The song will live on Kyle’s upcoming Netflix film “The After Party“, the movie was produced by the late great Lee “Q” O’Denat of WorldStarHipHop and also stars Wiz Khalifa.

The storyline for the movie goes Kyle who plays Owen, an aspiring rapper who, before a performance, joins Wiz Khalifa (one of many rappers who make cameos in the film). While onstage, Owen has a bad reaction to Wiz’s weed and vomits all over him before having a seizure. That situation goes viral, which all but ends Owen’s dreams of being a rapper, until his close friend/manager Jeff gets a plan to help Owen realize his dreams during one crazy night in New York City.



Complex recently had a chance to speak with Kyle on his song and the importance of the film to Hip Hop,

Because the verses have to stick to what’s going on in the film, did they edit a lot of it?
Nah. Those verses are all bar for bar what I said. There are parts of those verses that I went back to when I was K.i.D, my first rap name, and drew [on] what I was rapping about then because it’s so much more on point with what this movie was about. You know, when I was K.i.D and I was trying to make it and I was talking about how, “Damn, I haven’t made it yet,” and this and this and that. Some of those bars were so authentic to that that I just went back and took from those, and the last verse, when I’m rapping on top of the car, was all about how I was feeling at the moment. That one I could actually really relate to a lot of how I was feeling in my current career, about whether it’s “I know I have the talent to take this further” and “people are trying to hate on me”-type of shit.

How important do you think a film like this for hip-hop fans is?
That’s something that me and the director talked about a lot; everybody that was involved were all a little older, they’re in their 40s and stuff, so they come from a totally different era of hip-hop that a large majority of kids nowadays have no clue [about]. It’s crazy to think about because these are all such legendary, iconic figures to anybody that really studies hip-hop that it’s wild that a lot of people experiencing hip-hop right now and experiencing Lil Pumps and Tee Grizzleys and Desiigners and all those people might have no idea who DMX is, which is wild. 

Listen to “Moment” below and afterward peep the Movie Trailer to The After Party” that makes it’s Netflix debut today (8/24/18).

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