NEWS: Hip Hop Artist’s Pay There Respect’s For 9/11 On Social Media

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Many will never forget that tragic date Fifteen Years ago today many lives were lost and many heroes were made during the attacks on New York City’s World Trade Center. Hip Hop artist’s such as Fabolous, Desiigner and Trinidad James have made way to social media to remember that tragic day on September 11, 2001.

Desiigner fresh out of jail after his arrest on Felony Gun Charges Tweeted “R.I.P to all the falling angles of 911 “. Alongside Desiigner Fabolous captioned on Instagram “Our city & country was forced to stand tall as those Towers once did & always remember the fallen soldiers of this day,”

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I remember being a kid and 9/11 being a moment in my life. I was in Atlanta and I remember being in class and everyone having a Cold feeling in there heart like someone in your family just got shot. The air taste different. I was so young I couldn’t understand what was happening. The fact that the U S was under attack. As I got older each year it became more and more of a reality to me of the importance of unity. That was a time when whether you were black or white or Spanish or Asian you knew that a lost is a lost. Moments like these bring people together. So that shows me that it is possible for us to come together. Just gotta be more consistent with the love. You can’t be selective with respect. From 🇹🇹 with Love . God Bless the towers. 🙏🏿

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