Eminem’s Bodyguard Fears For Em’s Safety After Trump Freestyle

Most of the world by now have caught wind of the brutal freestyle aimed at the POTUS, “The Storm” performed by Eminem at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards.Now the rap legends formereminem-the-storm Bodyguard Byron ‘Big Naz’ Williams says he fears for the rappers saftey.

Big Naz went on to say he agreed with the message the freestyle presented but added his bodyguards could now have “their work cut out“.

In and interview recently with Murder Master Music Show Big Naz, touched on his worries for the 8 Mile actors safety,

It’s one thing when you go against an emcee but we are talking about going against the Government.

When he told the Trump fan’s that y’all gotta decide and then he threw up the black power first.

That was powerful and somebody needed to say it but his bodyguards got their work cut out for them.

If Eminem was black he would have had secret service at his house and been arrested.

I just wonder what the repercussions will be.”

As Big Naz states in the interview, it’s one thing to battle a rap artist, but this is the President, and if history tells us anything, the Government has no problem making someone come up missing that speaks against it’s crooked Government.

Check out the full interview below.

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