Casanova Blasts Troy Ave Calls Him “The New Soulja Boy” (News)

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Troy Ave recently sat down with The Breakfast Club, where the artist made quite a stir comparing himself to the Late Great Tupac Shakur. Now Brooklyn artist and close friend to Troy Ave’s enemy Taxstone, Casanova is clowning the fellow Brooklyn native for his comments.

During the Power 105.1 Interview Ave was asked about a number of topics, like his falling out with his former manager Hovain and the shootings that almost took his life.What has been stirring up much controversy was his comments comparing him to Pac,“I go in the mothafuckin’ clubs and niggas goin’ crazy. ‘Oh shit, that’s Troy Ave, nigga it’s the second coming of 2Pac, it’s NewPac“.

The Pac comments seemed to rub the Don’t Run Rapper the wrong way as he took to Instagram, posting a Video mimicking the BSB rapper explaining the Christmas Day shooting.Cas left a caption along with the Video saying, “NEW PAC 😏😩MORE LIKE THE NEW SOULJA BOY 😂😩YOU MAKING ME SHLEEPY,”

Casanova isn’t the only artist calling out Troy Ave as Mysonne has had a few words for the rapper,“I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t come out and say Troy Ave is a fucking bozo,” Mysonne said in an Instagram video.written In the caption, the rapper wrote, “I’m just tired of the Bullshit, Us Real ni**as trying to get out the Streets and these clowns trying to stay in Em. I’m sorry but I can’t peacefully co-exist with Suckers. Stop making clowns Famous ..Ronald McDonald is enough..

Take a look at the Video below.'


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