Boosie Badazz Pepper Sprayed While Shopping In Mississippi

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Biloxi, Mississippi Baton Rouge Rapper Boosie Badazz has had a long week, as the artist was recently Pepper Sprayed while shopping at Dillards Department Store.

As reported by the Sun Herald, Boosie was taking a look at some gear in the Polo Ralph Lauren section when Store security, reportedly maced him in the face.Sources say the officer got irate with Boosie as he drawed a big crowd into the store. sources also report the artist was calm not being loud, even all while Fans were chanting his name. With the cool collective attitude, Boosie was still Pepper Sprayed despite his actions.

The rapper was in town for the Biloxi’s Black Beach Weekend, where in a separate incident, two of Boosie’s crew were arrested for an Assault.Despite all the rawkus Badazz was able to Perform Saturday evening (April 8th).'


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